What is Hosinsool? Hosinsool is derived from the Korean word for self defence. Literally translated, Hosin means defence and Sool meaning self.

Hosinsool takes the most effective self defence techniques available and uses these to produce a very practical, effective and easily learnt form of self defence.To enable all participants to enjoy the benefits of Hosinsool, 3 differing levels of training are available: Il is the introductory level one, Ye is the intermediate level two. Progression onto the advanced Sam level three is also possible.

Why Hosinsool? Hosinsool has been developed in response to the growing demand for a well developed and effective form of self defence. In adddition to learning basic physical techniques to ward off potentail attackers, Hosinsool also encompasses the teaching of fundemental Awareness, Alertness and other non-physical methods of avoiding potential problems and confrontations

Who are/is Hosinsool? Although all the Hosinsool instructors are all Dan grades (Black Belts) in Tae-Kwon-Do, (a Korean martial Art) Hosinsool is a taught purely as a form of self defence - not a martial art. For this reason, no special fitness or flexibility is required to participate. On this basis, Hosinsool can be practised and enjoyed by all.. A willigness to learn, a positive outlook, a desire to improve your skills in defending yourself are all that are needed for you to attend.

Where is Hosinsool? We are a West Hertfordshire based organization. This means that most of our courses are scheduled to be held in the Hertfordshire and North London areas. However, if there is a specific demand or request for courses to be held in other areas of the UK, then would welcome the opportuntity to bring Hosinsool to a location near you.

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